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by posted 05/15/2023

Sorry for the numerous emails.  I have been informed by Dave Cuzzi that the field I requested is not available.  Apprently the website has been very glitchy and booking has been a problem.  (AA team on the other side of Swenson was cancleed Saturday due to overscheduling).  Field and times are scarce. So......

  I know it is safe at my place so we will go with practice at 53 Pilgrim on Wed at 6.  I have just enough room in my front yard to set up an infield so we can work on a little defense, mostly situational stuff, where the play is etc.  We can hit as long as we want and do grounders and pop ups on the court.

See you there! 


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by posted 05/15/2023

Thank you coach Matt- No game Friday, its Saturday at 9am.



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by posted 05/15/2023


  Another good effort this weekend.  A few hits with men on base and we are right in those games.  Better job staying focused, we made a few nice plays in the field.  

  We have games On Thursday, Friday this week and Tuesday next week.  Thursday is 5:30 at Woodbury.  Try to get there for 5:10 or so.  I put on a practice Wed at 6-715 at Swenson South.  We will work on some defense and get some swings in.  Busy couple weeks but if you can make it it would be great.

  After Tuesday we have about 10 days off but I will look to adding some practices.  

  I have been reminded by the league to remind everyone about the raffle tickets.  I will have the remainder on Thursday for those who haven't received them yet.

  Hopefully the kids are having fun!  Weather is cooperating so lets play some ball!


Thanks,  rich

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