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Spring 2014

Dear BLL Major League Coaches,                                                                                                              

Bedford Little League runs a concessions stand at the Little League Complex on Nashua Road.  The stand, also known as the “Snack Shack,” is a fun and convenient way for families to buy refreshments and meals during a game.  Also, the profits from the snack shack provide additional revenue for Bedford Little League activities.

The shack requires two adults to operate.  Whenever there are games scheduled at the Little League Complex, each Home Team is required to designate ONE parent to work the shack for that game.  If the team cannot provide anyone to help at the snack shack, then the team will forfeit the game.

For the 2014 season, the coaches need to coordinate coverage for your team at the snack shack for each scheduled home game.  If a team does not provide parent volunteers for a game, that team will forfeit the game.  During a game at the complex, the parent volunteer should show up (if possible 30 minutes prior to the start time) at the snack shack to help prepare for the game and to review how to run the shack.  The parent volunteers are expected to run the snack shack throughout the game, with a minimum of two parents at all times during the game.

The snack shack coordinator will come at the end of the game to help clean up and close up.

Parents can sign up to volunteer for “Snack Shack” duties by visiting the Bedford Little League website (http://www.bedfordll.com/) and selecting “Volunteering” on the left side of the Homepage

In the past, we have let children help out in the front part of the snack shack (at the customer windows) as long as the kids are well behaved and closely supervised by an adult.  The kids should not be allowed to go near the grill top or in the back area of the snack shack (where most of the food preparation is done).

Please do not hesitate to contact me at 603-661-5639 or if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Thanks for your help and have a great season!



John Fitzgerald